WTF? Dan Bilzerian Tweets Pic of Dead Vegas Shooter

This guy is just the worst.

This is not something fun to come across on your timeline.

Social media celeb Dan Bilzerian was making headlines after he reported being among the crowd as bullets rained down. He said he wanted to go get his gun and come back to the scene. Bilzerian posted a photo of Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock dead at the scene. He then thought it appropriate to tweet a leaked photo of the dead shooter after he shot himself in the head in his hotel room after police closed in. The photo was extremely graphic. Is this something people should see? Even if it is, people are now debating when and where this is appropriate. Certainly scrolling down a timeline and seeing it with no warning or choice is troublesome.

One of the videos he posted shows him running from the bullets saying: “Holy f–k, this girl just got shot in the f–king head. It’s so f–king crazy… saw a girl get shot in the face right next to me; Her brains f–king hanging out.” He also claims to have helped a woman to the hospital, though he didn’t stay to find out her condition.

He has yet to take down the photo from his Twitter page. FYI it’s VERY gruesome if you choose to look.

Bilzerian is often known for his over-the-top antics, but is this going too far?

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