Woman Raped on Facebook Live at Atlanta Night Club

A woman was raped on Facebook live after bring drugged at an Atlanta nightclub.

Officials are investigating the drugging and rape of a woman who was partying at Opera Nightclub in Atlanta. Opera is one of the hottest clubs in Atlanta.

The woman was at the club alone when she met a man and some other women with him. After telling the she was there alone, they allegedly drugged her. The man raped her, which she was able to capture on Facebook Live.

The video was circulating in Atlanta amongst people in the Atlanta music scene. Some reposted the video on social media as well.

The club issued a statement in light of the massive shock by those who frequent the club.

Many musicians voiced support for their victim by posting shots of the suspect and asking social media users to help identify him.

The victim, Jasmine Eiland, removed all her photos from her social media, writing only “Please no calls/text I’m still gathering myself please.”

Some events have been moved to other locations as the investigation continues.

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