Who Wore it Better? Nicki Minaj v. Lil Kim

It’s a battle between Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim.

Arch nemeses in the rap game, Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim, both ended up rocking the same Versace outfit. The two iconic rappers showed off the sexy, colorful looks on social media. The Pop Art Print Tribute T-Shirt for $995 was paired with the Vogue SS’91 Tribute Tights for $775 hugged the curves of both ladies.

<img src=“Screen-Shot-2018-09-05-at-11.35.40-PM.png” alt=“Nicki Minaj” title=“Nicki Minaj”>

<img src=“Screen-Shot-2018-09-05-at-11.33.59-PM.png” alt=“Lil Kim” title=“Lil Kim”>

Nicki hasn’t exactly been making the best fashion choices lately, and her VMA outfit drew a lot of criticism after fans made fun of how weird her butt looked. However, Lil Kim stays getting dragged for her poor fashion choices and plastic surgery as well. So who ya got?!

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