What Happened to Blac Chyna’s Butt?

Blac Chyna’s backside has mysteriously changed…

Seemingly overnight, her butt appears to have significantly deflated.

After years of big booty trends that have caused thousands of women to seek out enhanced backsides to match those of Kim Kardashian or Blac Chyna, perhaps the tides are beginning to change? Celebs are starting to forego the enhancement route and go back to a more natural look.

Kylie Jenner recently decided to stop getting her lips blown up like a Macy’s Day Parade balloon, and it seems as though Blac Chyna is following her lead.

Chyna is well-known for her enormously large booty that certainly rivals that of Kim Kardashian. However, this photo shows a drastically smaller backside on Chyna. We will need more photographic evidence to further investigate this…but for now, have a look and decide if you think she looks better or worse.

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