Viewers Are Disgusted by the Revelations in the Lifetime R. Kelly Docuseries

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Part 1 of Lifetime’s R. Kelly Docuseries, and Twitter has weighed in with absolute disgust.

Lifetime aired part 1 of its “Surviving R. Kelly” docuseries. In part 1, many people close to R. Kelly were interviewed, as well as many alleged victims. It also touched on his relationship with Aaliyah, whom he allegedly married when he was 27 and she was 15. Aaliyah’s family preemptively made a statement claiming it was false. They cited a backup dancer, Jovante Cunningham, who was interviewed about Aaliyah and R. Kelly’s relationship. She claimed she saw the couple having sex, which the family disputed.

Aaliyah’s mother released a statement saying, “The woman and so-called backup singer that describes seeing, meeting or ever breathing the same air as my daughter, Aaliyah, is lying and is a liar,” Haughton said. “My husband and I were always on tour with her and at interviews and every place she went throughout her entire career. Whoever this woman is, I have never seen her before anywhere on planet earth, until now.”

R. Kelly had tried to stop the show from airing just days before, but his lawyers were shut down in court. He claimed that he had evidence from recordings that showed Lifetime knew some of the women in the series were lying but planned to air it anyway.

Much of what was discussed echoed things that people have long talked about or believed about R. Kelly, though it gave direct, first-person accounts that added credibility to many of the rumors.

John Legend made an appearance in the doc, and he doubled down with a follow-up comment on social media:

Viewers were left shocked and appalled at the stories:

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