Usher’s Newest Accuser Has Receipts


It appears that the woman accusing Usher of exposing her to herpes has receipts to back up her story.

The woman everyone criticized for lying about hooking up with Usher might just be shutting down all the haters. Her lawyer has revealed some details that make her claim look more plausible than ever. People dragged her on social media because of her weight, saying that Usher would not have hooked up with a girl her size. However, many took offense to this and disagreed. Also uncovered is a picture of her allegedly at the event kissing August Alsina on the cheek, and she did look much different…

An employee is also reporting that she saw Usher in the hotel Quantasia Sharpton was staying at, and her stay there was confirmed. According to sources, the employee was offended that people were dissing Quantasia over her weight.

So what y’all think? Is she telling the truth? If she is, does she have a viable claim since she didn’t contract the disease from Usher since she says he never told her about it?

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