Tyson Beckford Drags Kim Kardashian’s Lopsided Hips

Tyson Beckford says Kim Kardashian’s doctor effed up.

Kim Kardashian and her family are frequently dragged for plastic surgery (rumor or not). Her sister Kylie was mercilessly dragged for inflating her lips like a duck, but she got the last laugh by using those lips to sell her highly successful makeup line.

Kim even went as far as having an x-ray of her butt to “prove” she is natural. However, having your own fat injected in your butt wouldn’t show up on an x-ray.

Tyson Beckford has seemingly had enough with people praising Kim’s store-bought shape. He left comments on the Shade Room’s Instagram, saying he just doesn’t care for her body.

Kim wasn’t about to sit quietly by. She responded under his comments, saying:

People were here for it and joined in the drama:

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