Tyga and Kylie Jenner Link Up After Breakup With Travis Scott

tyga kylie jenner travis scott

Tyga wins this round. Even Kylie Jenner is not immune to running back to an old flame when a breakup happens. Kylie and Travis Scott are on a “break,” and she was spotted on a late-night meet-up with none other than her ex Tyga.

As we ALL remember, Kylie and Tyga dated for a couple years while years, but Tyga got slammed for dating her before she was of legal age (they went official after her 18th birthday). It was even messier for them because Tyga was also the baby daddy of Blac Chyna, who went on to have a relationship and daughter with Kylie’s brother, Rob.

After her breakup with Tyga, Kylie began dating Travis Scott. The two had baby Stormi and seemed to be weathering their relationship troubles well for Hollywood. However, there have been rumors of some rockiness this past year. The two are now on a break but are not totally cutting the cord.

This might change though when Travis learns that Kylie met up with her ex Tyga late night with some friends. She and some friends reportedly rolled through Tyga’s recording studio in a Rolls Royce at 2am. That probably won’t help any effort to reconcile.

Check back for updates on this mess.

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