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Transgender Twitter Employee Charged with Raping Wife

In weird news of the day, a transgender Twitter engineer was charged with raping her wife, according to the San Francisco Examiner. Oddly enough, she is a proponent of women’s rights. Charged with five felonies, she is out on $350,000 bail. THe article notes that:

Despite the charges, McCallum’s attorney, John Runfola, says the case is simply about money.

“I’m just disgusted that, you know, this is going on,” Runfola said. “Dana is an employee [at Twitter] and is about to come into a large amount of money. … This whole thing is about money.”

The couple had been separated, he said, but were still having sexual relations. McCallum served her wife with divorce papers the day before the incident, Runfola said.

The incident in question, according to Runfola, happened in a small condo in the Mission district when four teenagers were in the house.

“No one heard ‘rape’ or fighting or anything,” he said.

There are no witnesses for the prosecution, except one teenager who allegedly heard “no” through a door,” Runfola said regarding police files.



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