Tinashe’s Family Claims Ben Simmons Was Cheating With Kendall Jenner

These Kardashians really know how to cause trouble!

Tinashe and Ben Simmons are no longer an item. They just broke it off after not being seen together for several weeks. However, Ben WAS spotted with Kendall Jenner.

Tinashe’s family members shot back about the breakup online once they heard about Kendall. They claim Ben and Tinashe just broke up a few days prior, but sources have shown Ben hanging with Kendall for weeks. He tried not to be spotted, but clearly he didn’t try hard enough.

Twitter users backed both sides, with some saying Ben is a bum and others saying he’s just a young, rich guy and should be forgiven.

“Never met you before in my life. Days after u break my sis heart u do this,” her brother, Kudzai Kachingwe, posted. He added: “no f - - king excuse for cheating, be a man and figure it out.”

However, other sources claim Tinashe was being too public with their relatively new relationship (they started dating in March). Ben wasn’t feeling it. They claimed that Tinashe was doing “Kardashian sh**” – all too funny given he’s now DATING a KARDASHIAN. Makes you think, yea?

Her brother added, “people all lied on her talking fake news about my sis doing kardashian s - - t u cheat on her w a Jenner.”

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