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Three More People – 2 Women and 1 Man – Accuse Usher of Not Disclosing His STD Before Sex

Wow…this is getting crazy.

Usher has yet again been accused of not disclosing that he had an STD – herpes – before having sex. The new twist is that two more women have come forward, but also a MAN. They have lawyered up with attorney Lisa Bloom, who says she will be filing a suit agains the singer for not disclosing his STD to them before sexual contact after he knew he had the disease. In California, it is a violation of law to not disclose this before sexual contact.

Usher and his wife have not made any statements on the accusations.

Usher settled a case for $1.1 million with a woman he gave the disease to, and another has filed suit for $20 million saying that she also contracted the disease from him.

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