The REAL Reason Kim Kardashian Fired Her Longtime Assistant

You know there has to be a good reason.

Kim Kardashian fired longtime assistant and COO of the Kim’s brands, Stephanie Shepherd. Why, you ask? If you take the Kardashian statement at face value, it’s because she was promoted but clearly couldn’t handle the position. So, she was let go. This seems confusing, as if she wasn’t a good fit, why not demote her or give her another role since she had been part of the Kardashian inner circle for so long? Something else must have been going on.

According to sources, Kim was more than unhappy with an interview Shepherd gave after the Paris robbery, in which she apparently spilled too much information about Kim’s personal life. She also let it slip that she does Kim’s laundry. So a COO is doing laundry? How much responsibility could she even have had? She even said at one point she would take a bullet for Kim.

It just goes to show that no matter how long you’re working for someone, you’re still just a worker.

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