The Internet Reacts to Speculation Diddy is Dating 22-Year-Old Lori Harvey

Shock and disgust were the main theme as people reacted to the possibility that Diddy is dating Steve Harvey’s 22-year-old daughter, Lori Harvey.

Ok. So here’s the deal. Steve Harvey has a gorgeous 22-year-old daughter. Got it. Diddy broke up with long-time girlfriend Cassie last year. Pictures of Diddy and Lori Harvey have hit the net, and people are wildly speculating that because a man was seen with a woman, the two must be involved.

While Diddy may like young, attractive women and be a free man open to new relationships, the two may be together for a variety of reasons. Twitter users didn’t fail to note that she is the ex-girlfriend of Diddy’s son, which if they were in fact dating, would certainly bring an “ick” factor to the whole thing. Given how involved Diddy is in his kids’ lives, we highly doubt he would do such a thing. They were spotted wearing matching fits, though…this is highly suspicious everyone.

Regardless of their relationship status, we can’t stop laughing from the memes that have popped up reacting to the news of the potential couple.

And others didn’t miss the opportunity to let you know it’s hot girl season:

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