Amber Portwood, star of MTV’s ‘Teen Mom OG,’ Arrested: See Her Scandals

amber portwood

Amber Portwood is back in legal hot water yet again after being arrested for domestic violence.

Police were called to a dispute between her and her boyfriend, Andrew Glennon. Glennon called police and said he was afraid for his and his son’s lives. The two share a 1-year-old child together. She was subsequently arrested when cops arrived at their Indianapolis home early Friday morning.

Portwood stars on MTV’s show “Teen Mom OG,” and she has been a cast member since the earliest seasons of “Teen Mom.” She shares another child with Gary Shirley.

Amber, 29, has had her share of legal problems over the years, including custodial issues, assault, and more, all culminating in a five year jail sentence.

Things had been looking up for the MTV reality star, as she’d been relatively drama free (legally-speaking) lately.  Even she and her ex Gary Shirley have even found a way to co-parent their daughter, Leah, together successfully, which for anyone who has watched the show, you know this was not an easy feat.

Let’s take a look back at her troubled past with some of the most delicious scandals:

2010: The beginning

Back in 2010, Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley were navigating their new fame as cameras followed the teens trying to sort their lives. At the time, the two were still making up and breaking up as they welcomed their daughter.  Amber made headlines after she physically assaulted Shirley on camera in front of their daughter. She ended up with one felony count of domestic battery, one felony count of neglect of a dependent, and one misdemeanor count of domestic battery. She received two years probation in her plea deal.

2011: Downhill

Before she could finish her probation from her 2010 case, she landed in more hot water when cops caught her with a controlled substance. Her probation violation put her in jail for the holidays. She had a choice to either enter drug treatment or take 5 years in jail.

2012: Straight to jail

While you would think that a drug treatment program would be a no-brainer compared to a 5-year sentence, but Amber voluntarily quit the program after testing positive for a controlled substance during rehab. The court immediately imposed the 5 year sentence, and she was hauled off to jail after turning herself in 3 months later.

2013: Free again

Amber was released in 2013 after serving just under 2 years. She was given credit for good behavior and for participation in substance abuse programs while in jail. She emerged from jail focused on being a better person living a sober lifestyle.

2019 More trouble brewing

While she had a few years of promise, it seems she still can’t shake all the drama. Her live-in boyfriend told police that Amber assaulted him while he was holding their son, and there was enough cause for police to arrest her.

Check back for updates to see what happens as the case moves forward.

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