Teacher Jailed for Sex With 6th Grade Student Who Later Married Him Now Getting Divorced!

And we really thought this would work out.

Mary Kay Letourneau and Vili Fualaau’s love is no more. Letourneau, once teacher to Fualaau, began an illicit affair with the then 6th grade student back in the 90s. Obviously, it led to her going to jail for 7 years and her losing her family (she was married with children at the time). Apparently she had cast quite a spell on her student, as upon her release, the pair remained together and got married, even having two children (if you recall, the children were actually born during the initial affair – one after she was on bail and ordered to stay away from her former pupil). Now it seems he is no longer under said spell, and he wants a divorce. Go figure. Fualaau has filed for separation from Letourneau, 55.


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