Not Again…Fans Accuse Taylor Swift of Ripping Off Beyoncé Video


Taylor Swift is once again being accused of ripping off a Beyoncé video in her new video “You Need to Calm Down.”

The evidence is stacking up against Taylor Swift after fans dissected her new video for “You Need to Calm Down.” They noticed striking similarities in the overall concept and design of her video to Beyoncé’s “Party” video. Bey dropped the track featuring J-Cole back in 2011.

Both videos take place in a trailer park, including this scene, where both singers lounge in an an inner tube in a pool with a trailer in the background. Both have above ground pools and similar outfits, along with a chic 60s styling. Unless, of course, it’s all coincidence, because we all hang in the backyard in a bikini and fur coat.

Later in the video, both Bey and Taylor head inside the trailer to make themselves a little something with similar set designs, shots, and styling.

While Swift may not have intended to copy Bey at all, there is a lot of inspiration and overlap between the two. It also doesn’t help that she faced similar accusations of copying Bey last month during a performance at the BillBoard Awards. Fans of Beyoncé drew parallels to Bey’s marching band-filled Coachella performance with her own version.

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