T.I. Disses Tiny’s BFF Shekinah on IG, Shekinah Responds

Amid all of the romance drama revolving around T.I. and his wife Tiny, Tip seems to have a bone to pick with Tiny’s BFF, Shekinah. Rumors have been spreading for a while now that Tiny and T.I. are separated, and the recent fight between Floyd Mayweather and Tip at Fat Burger in Las Vegas only added fuel to rumors of severe turbulence within their marriage.

Shekinah is Tiny’s hair stylist, but also one of her closest friends, and while there has yet to be any publicized issues between her and T.I., the rapper took to Instagram to send a fresh dose of shade her way yesterday, June 8th.

T.I. posted a picture with his daughter Deyjah Imani Harris, while out enjoying the 2014 Tony Awards, and praised her as being the “best date ever.” However, the caption for the photo also contained a fairly random diss aimed directly at Shekinah when he wrote, “Me & my date headed to watch da Tony Awards(that’s da oscars for Broadway Plays for all u Shekana-types).”

Just an hour after the post, Shekinah posted a message on her own Instagram that appeared to be a response to T.I.’s shade when she wrote, “Hello, my name is Shekinah.” A lot of fans interpreted this as a response to T.I. due to the fact that he spelled her name wrong.

Many fans have been commenting on T.I.’s “Shekana-types,” slander on both Twitter and Instagram.


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