Stacey Dash Arrested For Battery on Hubby

Stacey Dash got locked up after a fight with her husband, with footage captured on police body cam of the incident.

The anti-vaxxer looney tune and one-time Clueless actress was hauled off to the slammer after she called police about a fight with her husband in which she claims to be the victim. Reports indicate that she allegedly slapped and scratched her husband, Jeffrey Marty, during the fight.

While Dash was the one to call police and claimed on the call and to police that her husband assaulted her, she was taken to jail because he had injuries and she did not. Her claims of self-defense weren’t enough for police, apparently. She did make sure to throw in that she starred in “Clueless” as well. Did we mention this all went down in Florida?

How did these two lovebirds meet, you may ask? Marty, an avid support of Donald Trump, met Stacey when she met him through his campaign. He likes to spend his time retweeting baseless conspiracy theories about Hilary Clinton and reading bible verses on YouTube. They’ve been married about a year, and in case you’re wondering, it’s her fourth marriage.

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