Son of Wife Swap Contestant Charged With Murdering Mother and Little Brother

A man who appeared on the hit show “Wife Swap” has been charged with the murder of his mother and little brother in Ohio.

In a gruesome twist for a family that appeared on the hit ABC show “Wife Swap,” a man whose parents appeared on the show has been charged in the murder of his mother, as well as his younger brother. Jacob Stockdale, 26, allegedly shot and killed his mom and brother. The incident occurred in Stockdale, Ohio.

He attempted to commit suicide and shot himself in the head, but he survived.

He has subsequently been charged with murder while he receives rehabilitation for his injuries. The case is expected to move forward once he is able to stand trial.

The family appeared on Wife Swap in 2008. They were devoutly religious and had a family bluegrass band. Prosecutors declined to seek he death penalty, but he faces 15 years to life at trial.

Wife Swap: Stockdale from Andrew Suhl on Vimeo.

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