Safaree Samuels Signs Contract to Sell Sex Toys Modeled After His Manhood

Safaree had his NSFW pics leaked, but now he’s making bank after signing a contract to distribute sex toys in his likeness.

Most people would hate the idea of their intimate photos being leaked and plastered all over the Internet. At least he’s spinning it off into something positive!

You MAY remember a few months back when Safaree and his giant package were splattered all over our Twitter timelines. If you saw it, you surely will recall. Well, some others noticed it and thought it would make a lucrative business venture.

Doc Johnson, a prominent sex toy maker, has signed a contract with Nicki Minaj’s ex to distribute toys modeled after his “Anaconda.” The deal is reportedly worth 7 figures. Will you be getting one in your stocking this year?

Safaree has been hyping it up himself, as we’re sure he’s proud of himself.

Fans were pretty supportive of his new venture.

Safaree also scored some extra cash from doing some endorsement deals after Nicki dragged him for having hair implants…which she paid for when they were still together. Nicki has been slandering everyone and coming for their heads while trying to promote her new album, and Safaree got some of the worst of it in a day-long Twitter beef event.

He’s still keeping his head up with all the drama though, while fans and the Internet have been eating up many of the tea he dropped. Among them, he claimed Nicki stabbed him at some point in their relationship, and he covered for her to protect her.

He’s continuing to film L&HH, so catch him there for more ridiculousness and potential tea.

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