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Rapper Tyga Handcuffed by Cops During Video Shoot in LA

    tyga-1Bad timing, apparently! Should have chosen a less-cop ridden area to shoot a video in than south central LA.1110-tyga-arrested-side-by-side-facebook-5
    Tyga was cuffed by a swarm of cops in South Central L.A. during a music video shoot.

    The rapper was shooting a video in a Rolls-Royce. He was driving and there were other guys in the car.

    The LAPD pulled him over and you see in the video Tyga up against a fence, surrounded by numerous officers and 6 cop cars.

    One eyewitness says the traffic stop was for reckless driving … we’ve confirmed this with LAPD.

    It’s unclear why Tyga was put in cuffs, but we’re told he was eventually released but his bodyguard was arrested … we’re told for possession of a gun that was not registered in California.
    -Via TMZ

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