R Kelly Complains About Solitary Confinement in Jail, Wants Out

r kelly

R Kelly is complaining about being treated badly in jail because he is a celebrity, which is allegedly preventing him having a television or other comforts.

Kelly’s lawyer Steve Greenberg filed a motion with the judge in his case asking that he be released from solitary confinement. Greenberg says that Kelz is being held in the highly restrictive unit because of his celebrity status, but apparently the safety is not worth it for him. This, claims his lawyer, means he’s being treated like he has done something wrong when he hasn’t.

Still, let us not forget Mr. Greenberg that Mr. Kelly is locked up awaiting trial for 18 charges of sexual assault, and it ain’t his first go round with the courts for it, either.

His lawyer refers to the treatment as “cruel and unusual.” They cite his lack of human interaction and time in sunlight. He also has access to a shower three times a week. The motion also cites Kelly’s “extremely limited literacy,” making it difficult to help him understand his case since they have to read everything to him. It’s hindering his case, they argue, because there isn’t enough time for him to understand the case details, but given that he’s facing 195 years, he needs all the help he can get.

People have felt less than sympathetic for the singer given his history. Frankly, people are over it.

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