R. Kelly Investigators Uncover 20 Underage Sex Tapes

r. kelly

R. Kelly is in even more hot water according to new information stemming from his latest arrest by federal authorities, and authorities say they have uncovered nearly two dozen videos showing Kelly engaged in sex acts with underage girls.

Kelly was arrested last week by federal investigators on a slew of new sex crimes charges. The videos appear to be the key evidence in the case against him.  It isn’t surprising more videos exist if true, as a video of the singer was the key piece of evidence in his 2008 case, but he was ultimately acquitted after the victim refused to testify. Rumors have swirled since then that more tapes existed, and now it seems this is confirmed.

R. Kelly’s latest arrest by the feds reportedly uncovered an additional 20 videos showing R. Kelly and girls who have allegedly been confirmed to as underage when the videos were recorded. According to reports from law enforcement in the case, Kelly’s own inner circle handed over most of the tapes.

The 13-count federal indictment describes the crimes, including how people believe Kelly and his entourage traveled across the US “to recruit women and girls to engage in illegal sexual activity with Kelly.” Kelly has been accused of running a “sex cult,” possibly keeping young women against their will or brainwashing them. Some of the potential witnesses recounted their stories on LifeTime’s documentary about R. Kelly’s sordid past. He received even more bad press after he gave an outrageous interview with Gayle King denying the accusations.

The unsealed report also claims that Kelly repeatedly paid off victims, witnesses, business partners, and others involved to conceal his crimes.  The feds believe he paid at at minimum several hundred thousand dollars over several years. Evidence also points to such crimes during his 2008 trial, where he allegedly paid the victim and her family to lie about being in the video used as evidence.

The singer is already facing separate charges from his arrest in May. He was charged with sexual abuse and related crimes.

He faces up to 30 years in prison for just one count of aggravated criminal sexual assault. So far, he has entered not guilty please to all the charges. His next court date is July 16th.


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