R. Kelly Accuser Talks About Huge Settlement From The Singer

A woman has come forward to publicly share her story about the settlement she received from R. Kelly after she says he forced oral sex on her.

Lanita Carter talked with CBS This Morning about the alleged assault. She was Kelly’s hairstylist at the time, and she says he pulled her hair to bring to close to him and said “Suck it for daddy, suck it for daddy.” She then says she told him no, to which he reacted by spitting on her. Several times. He then forced her to perform oral sex on him.

Carter said she filed a report immediately and cops even found his semen on her shirt, but charges were never filed. YET, she got a cash settlement from the singer for a lawsuit against him totaling $650,000. She also sued him again and won when he dropped a track in 2009 about how he had sex with the women that braids his hair, netting her another $100,000.

She teared up as she retold the story.

He is facing several charges in similar cases. Kelly maintains his innocence.

Check out the interview below:

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