Privacy Policy

PLEASE NOTE THAT OUR PRIVACY POLICY has changed effective July 15, 2014.

If you submitted personally identifiable information to us prior to the above effective date, and desire to opt out of having that previously submitted personally identifiable information from being treated under the new policy, please contact us at


Effective July 15, 2014 GossipRx Media, Inc, and Jn Publishing Group, Inc. (collectively, “we”, “us” or “our”) own and operate websites, mobile applications, and other digital, interactive services (collectively, the “Services”). This Privacy Policy (the “Privacy Policy”) applies only to the information we collect through the Services, unless the website, mobile application, or other digital, interactive service has a separate privacy policy, in which case that privacy policy will govern.

We have adopted this Privacy Policy to explain what information may be collected through the Services, how we and our parents, subsidiaries and affiliates (collectively, “Affiliated Companies”) as well as successors and related companies use this information, and under what circumstances we may disclose the information to third parties.

This Privacy Policy, together with the Terms of Use posted on our Services, sets forth the general rules and policies governing your use of our Services. Depending on your activities when visiting our Services, you may be required to agree to additional terms and conditions.

You should review this Privacy Policy frequently, as it may change from time to time without notice. Any changes will be effective immediately upon the posting of the revised Privacy Policy. WHEN YOU ACCESS OUR SERVICES, YOU AGREE TO THIS PRIVACY POLICY. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO THIS PRIVACY POLICY, OR TO ANY CHANGES WE MAY SUBSEQUENTLY MAKE, IMMEDIATELY STOP ACCESSING OUR SERVICES.


Our Services typically collect two kinds of information about you: (a) information that you provide that personally identifies you; and (b) information that does not personally identify you that we automatically collect when you visit our Services or that you provide us.

(1) Personally Identifiable Information:

Our definition of personally identifiable information includes any information that may be used to specifically identify or contact you, such as your name, address, email address, phone number, etc. As a general policy, we do not automatically collect your personally identifiable information when you visit our Services. In certain circumstances, we may request, allow or otherwise provide you an opportunity to submit your personally identifiable information in connection with a feature, program promotion, or some other aspect of our Services. For instance, you may: (a) provide your name, address, email address, and phone number when registering with our Services, or in connection with a sweepstakes or contest entry; (b) provide certain demographic information about you (e.g., age, gender, purchase preference, usage frequency, etc.) when participating in a survey, poll or joining a club; or (c) post a general comment and/or recommendation on our Services. Certain information may not be personally identifiable when standing alone (e.g., your age), but may become so when combined with other information (e.g., your age and name). Whether you provide this information is your choice; however, in many instances this type of information is required to participate in the particular activity, realize a benefit we may offer, or gain access to certain content on our Services.

(2) Non-Personal Information:

Non-personal information can include certain personally identifiable information that has been de-identified; that is, information that has been rendered anonymous. We obtain non-personal information about you from information that you provide us, either separately or together with your personally identifiable information. We also automatically collect certain non-personal information from you when you access our Services. This information can include, among other things, IP addresses, the type of browser you are using (e.g., Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.), the third party website from which your visit originated, the operating system you are using (e.g., Vista, Windows XP, Mac OS, etc.), the domain name of your Internet service provider (e.g., America Online, NetZero, etc.), the search terms you use on our Services, the specific web pages you visit, and the duration of your visits.

(3) Device Location Information:

We may collect different types of information about your location, including general information such as IP address or zip code and more specific information such as the GPS-based functionality used to access the Services. We may use that information to customize the Services with location-based information, advertising, and features. For example, if you provide a zip code that indicates that you live in California, the Services may be customized with California-specific information and advertisements. In order to do this, your location information may be passed along to our Affiliated Companies, agents, vendors, or advertisers. If you access the Services through a mobile device and you do not want to provide us with your location-tracking information, you can disable the GPS or other location-tracking functions on your device, provided your device allows you to do this. See your device manufacturer’s instructions for further details.


(1) Personally Identifiable Information:

The personally identifiable information you submit to us is generally used to carry out your requests, respond to your inquiries, better serve you, or in other ways naturally associated with the circumstances in which you provided the information. We may also use this information to later contact you for a variety of reasons, such as customer service, providing you promotional information for our products or those of our Affiliated Companies, or to communicate with you about content or other information you have posted or shared with us via our Services.

(2) Non-Personal Information:

We use non-personal information in a variety of ways, including to help analyze site traffic, understand customer needs and trends, carry out targeted promotional activities, and to improve our services. We may use your non-personal information by itself or aggregate it with information we have obtained from others. We may share your non-personal information with our Affiliated Companies and third parties to achieve these objectives and others, but remember that aggregate information is anonymous information that is not intended to personally identify you.

(3) IP Addresses:

An IP address is a number that is automatically assigned to your computer whenever you are surfing the Internet. Web servers (computers that “serve up” web pages) automatically identify your computer by its IP address. When visitors request pages from our Services, our servers typically log their IP addresses. We collect IP addresses for purposes of system administration, to report non-personal aggregate information to others, and to track the use of our Services. IP addresses are considered non-personal information and may also be shared as provided above. It is not our practice to link IP addresses to anything personally identifiable; that is, the visitor’s session will be logged, but the visitor remains anonymous to us. However, we reserve the right to use IP addresses to identify a visitor when we feel it is necessary to enforce compliance with our Services’ rules or to: (a) fulfill a government request; (b) conform with the requirements of the law or legal process; (c) protect or defend our legal rights or property, our Services, or other users; or (d) in an emergency to protect the health and safety of our Services’ users or the general public.

(4) Cookies, etc.:

“Cookies” are small text files from a website that are stored on your hard drive. These text files make using our Services more convenient by, among other things, saving your passwords and preferences for you. Cookies themselves do not typically contain any personally identifiable information. We may analyze the information derived from these cookies and other technological tools we employ (such as clear gifs/web beacons) and match this information with data provided by you or another party. We may provide our analysis and certain non-personal information to third parties (who may in turn use this information to provide advertisements tailored to your interests), but this will not involve disclosing any of your personally identifiable information. Please note that advertisers that serve advertisements on our Services and third party content providers that serve content on our Services may also use their own cookies and other technological tools which are subject to such advertiser’s and/or content provider’s privacy policies, not this Privacy Policy.

If you are concerned about the storage and use of cookies, you may be able to direct your internet browser to notify you and seek approval whenever a cookie is being sent to your hard drive. You may also delete a cookie manually from your hard drive through your internet browser or other programs. If you would like more information about tailored browser advertising and how you control cookies from being put on your computer to deliver tailored advertising, you may visit the Digital Advertising Alliance’s website. You can also control advertising cookies from Google by using its Ads Preference Manager. Please note, however, that to the extent advertising technology is integrated into the Services, you may still receive advertisements even if you opt-out of tailored advertising and that some parts of our Services will not function properly or be available to you if you refuse to accept a cookie or choose to disable the acceptance of cookies.

When using one of our mobile applications, you may receive tailored in-application advertisements. Each operating system, Android for Android devices, iOS for Apple phones, and Windows for Microsoft devices provides its own instructions on how to prevent the delivery of tailored in-application advertisements. Review the support materials and/or the privacy settings for the respective operating systems in order to opt-out of tailored in-application advertisements. For any other devices and/or operating systems, visit the privacy settings for the applicable device or contact the applicable platform operator.

(5) Email Communications:

If you send us an email with questions or comments, we may use your personally identifiable information to respond to your questions or comments, and we may save your questions or comments for future reference. For security reasons, we do not recommend that you send non-public personal information, such as passwords, social security numbers, or bank account information, to us by email. In certain instances, we may provide you with the option to set your preferences for receiving email communications from us; that is, agree to some communications but not others. You may “opt out” of receiving future commercial email communications from us by following the instructions at the bottom of most commercial emails we send, or as provided below; provided, however, we reserve the right to send you transactional emails such as customer service communications.


(1) Third Parties:

We may share with, or sell to third parties, your personally identifiable information such as our co-promotional partners, list rental/purchasing agencies, and persons or entities with whom we have marketing, business, or other relationships.

(2) Transfer of Assets:

As we continue to develop our business, we may sell or purchase assets. If another entity acquires us or all (or substantially all) of our assets, the personally identifiable information and non-personal information we have about you will be transferred to and used by this acquiring entity, though we will take reasonable steps to ensure that your preferences are followed. Also, if any bankruptcy or reorganization proceeding is brought by or against us, all such information may be considered an asset of ours and as such may be sold or transferred to third parties.

(3) Other:

Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, we reserve the right to disclose any personally identifiable or non-personal information about you if we are required to do so by law, with respect to copyright and other intellectual property infringement claims, or if we believe that such action is necessary to: (a) fulfill a government request; (b) conform with the requirements of the law or legal process; (c) protect or defend our legal rights or property, our Services, or other users; or (d) in an emergency to protect the health and safety of our Services’ users or the general public.


You may opt-out from receiving future promotional information from us or our Affiliated Companies, or direct that we not share your information with any Affiliated Companies, as set forth below. Whether you opt-out is your choice; however, in many instances this type of information is required to participate in the particular activity, realize a benefit we may offer, or gain access to certain content on our Services.


You may contact us as at if: (a) you have questions or comments about our Privacy Policy; (b) wish to make corrections to any personally identifiable information you have provided; (c) want to opt-out from receiving future commercial correspondence, including emails, from us or our Affiliated Companies; or (d) wish to withdraw your consent to sharing your personally identifiable information with others.

We will respond to your request and, if applicable and appropriate, make the requested change in our active databases as soon as reasonably practicable. Please note that we may not be able to fulfill certain requests while allowing you access to certain benefits and features of our Services.


We have implemented security measures we consider reasonable and appropriate to protect against the loss, misuse and alteration of the information under our control. Please be advised, however, that while we strive to protect your personally identifiable information and privacy, we cannot guarantee or warrant the security of any information you disclose or transmit to us online and are not responsible for the theft, destruction, or inadvertent disclosure of your personally identifiable information. If your “personally identifiable information” (as the term or similar terms are defined by any applicable law requiring notice upon a security breach) is compromised, we may attempt to notify you by email (at our sole and absolute discretion) to the last email address you have provided us in the most expedient time reasonable under the circumstances; provided, however, delays in notification may occur while we take necessary measures to determine the scope of the breach and restore reasonable integrity to the system, as well as for the legitimate needs of law enforcement if notification would impede a criminal investigation.


(1) Your California Privacy Rights:

Residents of the State of California, under certain provisions of the California Civil Code, have the right to request from companies conducting business in California a list of all third parties to which the company has disclosed certain personally identifiable information as defined under California law (if any) during the preceding year for third party direct marketing purposes. You are limited to one request per calendar year. In your request, please attest to the fact that you are a California resident and provide a current California address for our response. You may request the information in writing at:, with the subject heading “California Privacy Rights.”

(2) Public Forums:

We may offer chat rooms, blogs, message boards, bulletin boards, or similar public forums where you and other users of our Services can communicate. The protections described in this Privacy Policy do not apply when you provide information (including personal information) in connection with your use of these public forums. We may use personally identifiable and non-personal information about you to identify you with a posting in a public forum. Any information you share in a public forum is public information and may be seen or collected by anyone, including third parties that do not adhere to our Privacy Policy. We are not responsible for events arising from the distribution of any information you choose to publicly post or share through our Services.

(3) Wireless Marketing Services:

We may provide you with the opportunity to register for special promotions, services, and information delivered via text messaging and other wireless devices such as mobile phones and, if we do so, users are required to provide their consent to receive such information, either by registering on the Services or via their wireless device. Such services and promotional opportunities may be provided by us, our Affiliated Companies, and/or other third parties. The information requested as part of the online registration process may include your telephone number or a wireless email address, but only if specifically requested, and the carrier’s name. Additional information may be requested for specific promotions. Depending on the promotion, we may also collect an email address or other contact information, and you may also be required to confirm your agreement to this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use.

If you register for wireless marketing services, you understand and agree that you will be charged by your wireless carrier for all messages sent to you. Standard messaging rates will apply, unless noted otherwise. Under no circumstances will we be responsible for any wireless email or text messaging charges incurred by you or by a person that has access to a your wireless device, telephone number, or email address.

You may cancel one or more services via your wireless device at any time by using the unsubscribe mechanism provided at the time the message is sent, or by sending a text message that says “UNSUBSCRIBE.” We will then terminate your registration for the most recent wireless service sent to you. If you unsubscribe, the service(s) will be terminated immediately and will cancel your previous opt-in.

You understand, acknowledge, and agree that we may, in our sole discretion and without liability to any user, terminate the offer of any specific wireless marketing service or all wireless marketing services at any time without advance notice. We may provide notice of terminations or changes in services on the Services.

(4) Children:

The features, programs, promotions and other aspects of our Services requiring the submission of personally identifiable information are not intended for anyone under 18 years of age. We do not knowingly collect personally identifiable information from children under the age of 13. If you are a parent or guardian of a child under the age of 13 and believe he or she has disclosed personally identifiable information to us, please contact us at A parent or guardian of a child under the age of 13 may review and request deletion of such child’s personally identifiable information as well as prohibit the use thereof.

(5) Other Sites/Links:

Our Services may link to or contain links to other third party websites that we do not control or maintain, such as in connection with purchasing products referenced on our Services and banner advertisements. We are not responsible for the privacy practices employed by any third party website. We encourage you to note when you leave our Services and to read the privacy statements of all third party websites before submitting any personally identifiable information.

(6) Users Located Outside the United States:

The Services are hosted in the United States and are governed by United States law. If you are using the Services from outside the United States, please be aware that your information may be transferred to, stored, and processed in the United States where our servers are located and our databases are operated. The data protection and other laws of the United States and other countries might not be as comprehensive as those in your country. By using the Services, you consent to your information being transferred to our facilities and to the facilities of those third parties with whom we share it as described in our Privacy Policy.

(7) Third Party Rights:

This Privacy Policy does not create rights enforceable by third parties.

(8) Sole Statement:

This Privacy Policy as posted on the Services is the sole statement of our privacy policy with respect to the Services, and no summary, modification, restatement or other version thereof, or other privacy statement or policy, in any form, is valid unless we post a new or revised policy to the Services.



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