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Paula Patton Says Robin Thicke Was Physically Abusive, Addicted to Drugs, and Constantly Cheating

New legal documents in the ongoing custody case reveal serious allegations!

We have had this creepy lounge-singer vibe from Robin Thicke for a few years now, so we aren’t terribly surprised, but the extent of his ex-wife Paula Patton’s allegations about their marriage and his behavior are still shocking, nonetheless.

Paula was granted a restraining order while they wait for their next custody hearing in February based on the docs. She alleges in legal documents related to their custody battle over their son Julian that he was regularly using cocaine, as well as alcohol and marijuana. She says he hit her on more than one occasion and repeatedly blew up at her in irrational bouts of anger.

Patton also says she walked in on her ex cheating on multiple occasions, and he also admitted to cheating on her many times – including without protection!

Robin really needs to get his life together.



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