Orlando Brown Can’t Remember His Children’s Names on Dr. Phil Show

Orlando Brown stopped by the Dr. Phil Show and things got…well, just watch.

Orlando, former star of That’s So Raven, made an appearance on the Dr. Phil Show, where Dr. Phil quizzed him on things like his children’s names and ages during an attempted intervention. While Brown only has 4 children (that he knows about, he said with a chuckle), he wasn’t able to say all their names and ages. Dr. Phil seemed disgusted as Brown failed to recall even the most basic information about his children.

This wasn’t the only troubling part of his interview. To begin with, he sported some snake eye contacts.

He also told Dr. Phil his name was Blanket and that Michael Jackson is his father.

Orlando has a long history of drug abuse, mental illness, and legal trouble. Dr. Phil brought him on the show to expose the troubling state the actor is in and offer him help. He’s been to treatment before, but ended up back in his patterns of drug abuse and bad behavior. We hope that this time, he can get help that will be lasting, because this right here is messy.

While a serious matter, Twitter was there to give insight. Jump to the next page to see what people had to say about the interview:

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