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One of R. Kelly’s “Cult” Members Speaks Out – “I’m No Hostage!”

One of R. Kelly’s “cult” followers speaks out.

One of the women supposedly being held “captive” by R. Kelly says she is just fine. She wouldn’t give details or answer questions about her relationship with R. Kelly or where she even is staying.

Who knows with all this. Basically, we all know R. Kelly is on some funny ish but these girls are considered adults who can do as they please. This seems to be more of a case of a grown a** man taking advantage of some very ignorant young women, who will probably regret all this later. However, nothing criminal seems to be going on (at least that we can see). Still, this is just the beginning, and who knows what underage girls or videos might come to light.

The girl in the video, Joycelyn Savage, is 21 and claims she just hasn’t responded to her parents’ message for six months but still gets them. She says she is right where she wants to be. Welp, good for her then. She probably wasn’t old enough to remember his trial and how yucky it all was. After all, she was probably in 4th grade. Ew.



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