Odell Beckham Jr. Captured on Camera Allegedly Smoking Weed with Cocaine Nearby

That’s a L for Odell.

Odell Beckham Jr. was caught on camera in a short clip talking to a woman whose face cannot be seen next to him. He is holding what appears to be marijuana, though all that can be seen is that it is dark brown. It is unclear what is in it. As the camera pans from the woman to him, white powder can clearly be seen in front of the woman who is holding a credit card next to it.

Odell briefly says “I’m trying to get you to sleep with someone” before the footage cuts out.

Odell has had a lengthy history in his NFL career of outspokenness and bad behavior, but it’s unclear what trouble he might get in for this.

While he’s offseason, he still can get himself in hot water.

Check out the footage below. It appears he had no idea he was being recorded and sounds as though he is slurring his words.

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