Nicolas Cage Gets Married, Then Files Annulment 4 Days Later

Perhaps Nicolas Cage having second thoughts? The “Face Off” actor tied the knot with his girlfriend, Erika Koike, but seemingly had a change of mind shortly after the couple said “I do.”

Cage is no stranger to marriage. He’s been down the aisle plenty of times before, including with Lisa Marie Presley, Patricia Arquette, and a waitress named Alice Kim. Thus, his marraige to Erika makes his 4th. He wants it wiped off the record books, however.

Cage, 55, filed papers for an annulment just barely 4 days after getting hitched in Vegas. He has opted for a divorce if an annulment isn’t granted. They only just started dating in spring 2018, but 4 days of marriage seems to have enlightened him to something a year did not. Or he was just that drunk and was not willing to ride it out.

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