Nicki Minaj Gets Dragged for Her Butt at VMA Awards

Nicki Minaj showed her assets, but people didn’t respond the way she probably intended.

Nicki has been making headlines for beefing with everybody the past couple weeks. She’s ranted about Travis Scott beating her album sales, claiming he unfairly used merch to boost his sales. She beefed with radio personalities and even her ex, Safaree. Surely it all seemed like a ploy to put the spotlight on her after dropping her new album Queen, but she’s getting some pretty negative backlash from all the shenanigans.

She popped up at the MTV Video Music Awards, where she won ‘Best Hip Hop’ for Chun-Li. Nobody is talking about her award though, as her butt took center stage.

<img src=“image.jpg” alt=“nicki minaj VMAs” title=“nicki minaj VMAs”>

Nicki rocked a leotard with a high cut and only a sheer skirt, making sure everybody got a glimpse of her enhanced assets as she turned around for cameras. People gasped (most in horror) at how, well, awful it looked.

First of all, somebody needs to be fired for allowing her to go out like that. Second, she had to know it was bad and didn’t care or is in denial about it. Either way, it was…not good.

Fans and haters alike have been dragging her since the show aired.

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