New Video of Kim Kardashian and Ray J Leaks…and It’s Scandalous!

Kim Kardashian and Ray J made millions off their first tape together…what about this one?

While this tape isn’t likely to rake in the dough for the pair, it is still quite scandalous.

In the video, Kim hits a pipe shaped like the member of her male companion from between his legs. Just slightly suggestive, we suppose. Recently, Kim revealed that she was high on ecstasy when she and Ray J made their famous sex tape that slingshotted the reality star to fame. Ray J denied it, but for anyone who’s watched it, she does seem a little extra.

Kanye West is reportedly very displeased with the new video. Its yet another reminder of Kim’s extracurricular activities before they were together. It can’t be easy to know everyone on the planet has seen your wife having sex, especially when money from said tape still trickles into her account.

A source said, “Kanye is not happy about the latest Kim and Ray J tape. Kanye is furious, has a bunch of questions about the penis pipe tape and feels pretty sure Ray J is behind the latest leak.”

“Kanye is demanding some answers, he wants to know why Ray J would leak this tape, and if Ray didn’t leak, then who did? While Kim is embarrassed over the whole situation, Kanye is upset and feels disrespected.”

Not sure why Kanye is upset over a video of Kim before he ever knew her. As if he doesn’t know how she got famous or something.

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