MTV’s Steve-O Talks Snorting HIV-Tainted Blood

Steve-O got real in an interview about his drug addictions that led him to snort HIV-tainted blood.

No one can forget the madness that was Steve-O on MTV’s Jackass. His stunts were insane and could only have been done in a state of drug-induced mania.

He has been very open about his struggles with drugs and alcohol over the years. He recently sat down with Graham Bensinger to talk about the extreme stuff he did to fuel his addiction. He talks about starting drinking alcohol as a young child, which his own alcoholic mother supplied. He talked about some of the wild drugs he has tried like PCP, meth, and Xanax, but the list was huge.

He talked about the “great experiences” on LSD, and also about how he drank aluminum cleaner in an effort to find anything to get high.

He discussed one incident that is beyond shocking. He told the host about how he snorted cocaine covered in HIV-tainted blood. He said how he was fortunate to not have contracted the disease because the virus dies when outside the body for too long. He described his actions as “desperate and pathetic” while trapped in his addiction.

He is now doing great and has worked tirelessly to control his addictions to get his life in order, but the struggle never ends. His friends, including Johnny Knoxville, star of Jackass, tried to help him many times over the years. He is now looking great and able to reflect on his life, giving hope to anyone struggling from this disease that they can overcome it. If Steve-O was able to, it gives a lot of hope to others.

Check out the interview below:

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