You’ve Never Seen Missy Elliott Look Like This

missy elliott

Missy Elliott is looking better than ever as she discusses her new music.

Known for her eccentric style, creative lyrics, and support for her fellow artists, Missy Elliott is a legend in hip hop. With a career spanning decades, Missy has paid her dues and then some, but she has always done it with a positive attitude and smile. Even while battling illness, Missy Elliott has kept her spirit high and worked to take the best care of herself she can.

missy elliott

Now, she’s back and gracing the August cover of Marie Claire magazine looking incredible. She discussed her induction into the Songwriters Hall of Fame as the first hip-hop female artist ever, and the honorary doctorate decree from Berklee she recently received.

She continued to give advice to newcomers in the industry, especially those who may feel overlooked in a large sea of artists. She also said to not be discouraged if you haven’t gotten a good footing in social media yet, as it will come.

“I want to be able to encourage those who don’t go viral,” she said. “A lot of people out there that have 452 or 100 followers may be talented. I want them to not feel like they have to do what everybody else is doing to gain that attention. Just be you. It’s going to catch hold somewhere.”

The best part? She’s currently working on new music, and we can’t contain our giddiness. She confirmed the new album, saying she wants people, including guys, dancing again, and she’s looking to give ti a little Soul Train treatment. She hasn’t dropped a new album since 2005 with The Cookbook, so fans are turned up for this one.

When asked how she wants to be remembered, she just wants people to say, “There’s no one like Missy. No one.” Good answer.

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