Miley Cyrus Talks Doing “Uppers” and “Downers” in Video

Hannah Montana fans are up in arms after Miley Cyrus brought back her blonde locks only to post a video about doing drugs.

Some fans don’t know how to feel about Miley Cyrus right now. On the one hand, they are excited that Miley went blonde, bringing back her Hannah Montana hair. On the other hand, she posted a video saying Best of Both Worlds is like doing Molly and smoking weed at the same time. Welp!

She posted a video blasting “Hannah Montana” by Migos while driving, as well.

She also laid claim to winner of the #10YearChallenge. We can’t even argue with that! She also landed the position of most-followed person on Twitter upon posting the videos.

Fans had mixed reactions about it, but we have a feeling Miley doesn’t give a damn.

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