Mel B’s Shocking Domestic Abuse Allegations Against Husband Stephen Belafonte Revealed

These allegations are SHOCKING!

You never really know what might be happening behind the closed doors of other people’s homes, and now the dramatic events of Mel B and Stephen Belafonte’s relationship are becoming public following allegations of abuse. Mel B has had several obvious injuries to her face and body over the years, and now sources claim that these were at the hands of her husband, Stephen. He allegedly assaulted her on numerous occasions, including the night of a television event that forced her to appear with injuries that makeup couldn’t completely cover.

There are plenty of photos drifting around that show Mel B with injuries.

She also says that the couple has sex tapes, many which she was not aware were being made. Sources reveal that Stephen used these to blackmail her into threesomes with random women by threatening to expose them and ruin her career.

Currently, police are investigating Stephen for firearm possession after his brother and Mel B allegedly told police that he had a weapon despite being barred from owning one due to a previous felony case (interestingly for a domestic abuse case). Cops didn’t find a gun, but according to sources, they found a loose bullet. They continue to investigate.


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