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Meet Robin Thicke’s New 19-year-old Girlfriend: She Likes to be Nude

    imageThis one’s not shy, y’all! She even took a selfie in his bed as a subliminal told you so to the world.
    imageRobin Thicke’s nude girlfriend likes being … nude.

    April Love Geary is only 19 … she couldn’t even do this legally until a year ago. Butt clearly she couldn’t wait to bare arms, and legs and …

    imageWe got our hands on modeling pics April took with famed photographer Neave Bozorgi, who has an eye for very hot young women.

    imageIt’s unclear whether Robin saw the pics before he began dating April, but if he did, it’s kinda like test driving a Porsche … once you get behind the wheel, you just gotta have it.

    -Via TMZ





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