Meek Mill Gets 2-4 Years From Allegedly Disgruntled Judge

All the reactions point to a great injustice for Meek.

Meek Mill was just sentenced to 2 to 4 years for violations of probation, some of which are from charges that were dismissed. Even the prosecutor recommended no jail time, so the sentence is leaving many with a very bad taste in their mouths about the justice of his case. Meek originally had legal troubles when he was 19, and the case has followed him ever since. His recent arrest for recklessly driving a motorcycle that was caught on video led to the judge’s decision.

His lawyer, Joe Tacopina, says the judge was personally biased after Meek laughed off a recommendation for a song he record thinking it was a joke. She allegedly wanted a shoutout and got offended when he declined when they were meeting during a previous court hearing.

His lawyers, and everyone else, were shocked by the heavy handed sentence. They will be appealing, but it’s a big L for Meek in the meantime, which is a real shame because he had been working to turn his life around and change his behavior. He had talked recently in an interview about stopping drug use and other bad behavior.

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