Mariah Carey Twitter Gets Hacked, Clowns Eminem

mariah carey

Mariah Carey woke up from a nap to find her Twitter had been hacked, and their target was Mariah’s ex, Eminem – see what they said!

Mariah Carey had a fantastic Christmas, still riding off her high of a twenty year old song hitting number 1 on the charts. Her Christmas hit “All I want For Christmas Is You” is a Christmas classic, and this year, it has been in high demand. The Queen of Christmas wore her crown well for another year, but it seems some weren’t content in just letting her enjoy this moment unbothered.

Hackers spent the New Year hacking Mariah Carey’s Twitter account. They posted a variety of messages, including nothing but offensive slurs. However, beyond this, they also tweeted messages aimed at Mariah’s ex, rapper Eminem. The two ended on bad terms, and Em has called her “crazy” in songs.

The Internet was highly pleased with this angle of the hack, and many imagined Mariah was as well.

Others imagined who the culprit may have been.

Still others had more practical advice.

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