Mariah Carey and James Packer’s Relationship Exposed! Is He Really Jealous and Unstable?

He allegedly banned one of her male dancers from her shows over jealousy!


They both seem irrational. We think they belong together.

But, it seems he was to jealous after allegedly banning a male backup dancer from her shows after she gave him a lap dance during a concert earlier this year. Sources also say that Mariah thinks James Packer, her now ex, is unstable. Sources also say she is demanding millions from him because he uprooted her life and she wants to be compensated for changes she made while with him, like moving to New York.

Uhhhh…sounds a bit silly. Mariah, you’re a big girl. Get over it.

She stepped out with said backup dancer in a VERY scandalous outfit to, assumedly, rub it in James’s face.





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