Man Tattoos Penis on Woman Instead of Ying Yang Symbol

This poor woman.

A young woman went into a tattoo shop in Austria looking for a nice classic ying/yang symbol tattoo. She agreed, sat down, and the tattoo artist go to it. However, he apparently decided a penis would be better suited for her and did not tell her.


According to NY Daily News, An Austrian tattoo artist is behind bars after he sneakily inked a penis on a woman instead of the yin yang symbol she requested.

When the 21-year-old woman went to get a tattoo in the small city of St. Polten, the artist showed her a design template for the Chinese symbol, according to The Local.

She said OK and sat down to get inked — but once she got home and looked in the mirror, she realized it wasn’t quite what she’d ordered.

Instead of the black and white circular symbol, she saw a penis and the word, “F–k.”

Still, the woman did not see the tattoo until she got home…I mean…who doesn’t check out a new tattoo until they get home?! Either way he’s a total jackass.



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