Mama June Arrested for Crack Possession

Is that how Mama June lost all that weight?!

TLC’s Mama June, the outlandishly country character from TLC’s show Honey Boo Boo was arrested after she and her boyfriend had a “domestic incident” at a gas station.

Mama June and her boo thang Geno Doak were getting loud at the Alabama gas station when someone called police on the hot-tempered couple. Police were called to the scene to deal with the domestic problem, but they also found crack cocaine after attempting to pat them down. Doak allegedly told police to be careful searching him so they wouldn’t “get stuck.”

Mama June famously lost tons of weight, but now it seems she is battling a new issue. Or maybe it isn’t new? Who knows.

The two were arrested for felony possession of a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia, and Doak was also charged with domestic violence/harassment. June claimed ownership of the vehicle they were in, and thus she was charged with possession since drugs were found in it. They also found a pipe and white powder residue in her tracksuit.

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