Lorde Was Running a Secret Onion Ring Instagram Account

Lorde has a secret. It’s onion rings.

An Instagram account devoted to rating and reviewing onion rings is allegedly the work of singer Lorde. Questions to her management about the account after some became suspicious resulted in the account quickly being shut down.

So why do people think it was Lorde? Here’s the evidence.

– Lorde was one of only 24 followers. Really.
– One picture shows onion rings on a flight from Tennessee to New York, and Lorde was likely on her way to the Bonaroo Music Festival in Tennessee at the exact same time. Many of the locations match other stops coincide with her schedule.
– Flavour is spelled with a “u” like those in the UK or New Zealand would use.

The evidence is very suspicious! We think it sounds like her, and we really just want to believe it is her. What do you think?


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