Lindsay Lohan Gets Punched Trying to Steal Syrian Woman’s Children

Lindsay Lohan thought she was doing a good deed but got punched and knocked down for her antics.

Video shows Lindsay trying to wrestle small Syrian refugee children away from their family after she thought they might be victims of human trafficking.

In the video shown below, Lindsay appears to be sporting a horrid, fake accent as she approaches and follows the family in the street. She is heard saying “Give me your hand,” presumably to the children. She’s then hit to the ground by the mother and goes flying to the ground.

What on earth made her think any of this was her business or a good idea is beyond us. Lindsay is no stranger to erratic behavior. People often claim her behavior is due to mental illness and/or drug and alcohol abuse. She has a history of this, but it doesn’t excuse her weird ass behavior in this video.

Twitter was just as confused as we were.

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