Last photos of Hugh Hefner show Playboy mogul frail

Heartbreaking footage has emerged of Hugh Hefner inside the Playboy Mansion just months before he died,

showing him looking extremely frail and using a walker as a carer.

Hefner, who passed away on Wednesday aged 91 after contracting a bug, can be seen in his home in Holmby Hills, California, with unkempt gray hair and wearing light blue pajamas.

The video of the late founder of Playboy magazine was taken in January of this year after he had just entertained guests at the Mansion on one of his regular movie nights.
In a three-second clip, a female guest is heard saying ‘Wonderful movie’ as Hefner walks towards a pair of French double doors.

The images are further proof of the the rapid health decline Hefner was facing and his reported reluctance to remain away from the spotlight.
Hefner had reportedly been suffering a crippling back infection for two years, was bedridden and could barely walk without assistance.

Hefner died Wednesday night at age 91.

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