Kylie Jenner Shows Off Slim Figure But Gets Dragged By Fans Over Her Face

Enough plastic surgery already!

Kylie Jenner showed off her slim figure just a few months after giving birth. Her trim and flat stomach looks as though there was never any hint of baby in there.

<img src=“kylie-jenner1.jpg” alt=“Kylie Jenner shows off her flat tummy” title=“kylie jenner1”>

While no one can be sure if she had help from the family doc with that, we can be sure she had some help on her face. The Kardashian sister has admitted before to having her lips done after being incessantly dragged for months and denying it. However, it seems she’s been going a bit overboard with it, and fans took notice.

<img src=“kylie-jenner2.jpg” alt=“Kylie Jenner gets dragged over plastic surgery” title=“kylie jenner2”>

She’s barely left her teens, so its leaving many wondering just what she may look like by the time she’s her sisters’ age if she keeps up with it. Doctors are good, but sometimes there’s no going back. Slow down, girl!

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