Kylie Jenner and Drake: Getting Romantic? (Nope)

drake kylie jenner

Now that Kylie Jenner is back on the market following her breakup last month with Travis Scott, it appears to many that Drake may have swooped in to fill his shoes, but it isn’t true.

Kylie and Drake have reportedly been spending time together, and not in a platonic way. The two are not in the midst of a budding romance, though, as the rumors are false. Drake isn’t exactly the monogamous type, anyway. He’s also 11 years her senior, but hey – Kylie doesn’t seem to mind much about dating older men.

Still, this would make for quite the power couple.

Kylie Jenner and Drake have said the rumors are false, but many remain skeptical.

Drake has been close to the Kardashian and West families for years, but he’s also been on the wrong side of them as well. He and Kanye West, Kim’s Husband, had a public conflict after West was accused of leaking information about his son to another artist who took it public on his album. There have also been longstanding rumors that Drake hooked up with Kim, and potentially other Kardashians as well.

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