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Kim Kardashian Robbed and Tied Up at Gunpoint in Paris! $10 Million in Jewelry Stolen

This is just crazy.


Kim Kardashian is reportedly the victim of a brazen robbery in her suite in Paris. She was accosted by a group of men who forced a concierge to show them her door, where they tied her up in a bathroom and stole several pieces of jewelry estimated at $10 million.

Sources say that the men were dressed as police, which helped them gain access. Luckily, Kim was alone and North and Saint were not in the room with her. Kim’s husband, Kanye West, left in the middle of a performance upon hearing the news from an assistant who rushed the stage to alert him. He left the crowd confused as he just said “family emergency, gotta go” and rushed off stage. We understand that though! Family first…

But this is just crazy and it sounds like an inside job from someone who knew a bit too much about the situation.

OR…it’s a hoax. We all know how hard it is to believe anything in KardashianLand is true.



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