Kim Kardashian Gets Glowing Necklace Implanted

In new weirdest celebrity trends, Kim Kardashian has a creepy necklace that beats with the rhythm of her heart.

Kim Kardashian is often regarded as a trendsetter, and this is one we really would rather NOT catch on. She sported a creepy flesh-toned necklace implant that while likely not really implanted under her skin, it sure looked that way. It also flashed along with the beat of her heart.

She tagged her friend Simon Huck, who created the A. Human line, who creates the interesting pieces and is holding a show that will include Kim’s “alien necklace implant.” The collection will drop during New York Fashion Week as they open a flagship store.

Other celebs were also spotted wearing some of the futuristic “jewelry.”

Are you down to try this?

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