Kim and Kanye Give Daughter North West Michael Jackson’s Jacket for Christmas

kim kardashian north west

When you are filthy rich like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, you can buy pretty much anything in the world, including an iconic jacket owned by none other than pop king Michael Jackson himself. Kim and Kanye gifted just that to their eldest daughter, North West, who is a big Michael Jackson fan.

Kim posted a photo of the jacket on an Instagram story Christmas Eve, sharing her unique gift choice with the world before giving it to her 6-year-old daughter North West for Christmas. The jacket cost a whopping $65,625 at Julien’s Auctions’ Icons and Idols: Rock N’ Roll event in NYC back in October.

The custom black velvet jacket features white stones and pearls, creating a chain and leaf motif stretching across the shoulder. It also had a red stripe on the arm and high collar. He wore it at least twice, once to Elizabeth Taylor’s 65th birthday party, and another time to the screening of the movie Ghost at the Cannes 50th Film Festival event.

“North is a really big Michael Jackson fan and we knew she would love this,” Kim said. “We won this on an auction for Northie for Christmas.”

And it’s not just for looking at: they had the iconic piece altered to fit North’s smaller frame so she can wear it, with options to length the sleeves as she grows.

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